Literacy Centers

  Whether you’re new to literacy centers or you’ve been doing them for a while, it’s always fun to get some new ideas and kids definitely enjoy some variety.  Here’s is a collection of centers I’ve had success with for word work, writing, reading, spelling, and grammar:     Magnetic Words There are lots of…


Noodles and Cups

One of my favorite activities for starting the year in 2nd grade is counting to 1000.  Imagine this classroom scene – Instructions have been given, materials have been passed out, and everyone is working silently…at least for a few minutes!  I know when I have those rare moments in class that I have found an…

make editing writing fun by teaching rainbow editing, perfect for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students

Make Editing Fun!

Problem:  It’s like pulling teeth to get my kids to edit their writing.  They frequently turn it in, saying they’ve edited, and I still find lots of mistakes I know they could have corrected on their own. Solution: Shake up your editing routine!  Here are some ideas for making editing fun: Rainbow Editing Coloring coding makes…