Say Goodbye to the Summer Slump

and look like a rockstar teacher next fall!

I went from daydreaming about pizza for dinner to heart-thumping, hot-faced angry in about 3 seconds. A teacher in the grade above mine had just said, “When the 2nd graders come to us, THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO ADD!”

Are you flippin’ kidding me!

My team had exhausted curriculum, research, and every corner of Pinterest looking for the best ways to teach addition with regrouping. And the 3rd-grade teachers claimed that our students had learned none of it?!?!

In a team vent-session later, we could only conclude that:

1 – The teacher was exaggerating at least a little, and

2 – We were being sabotaged by the dreaded summer slump


We needed to send our kids off for summer break with some practice activities tucked in their backpacks so that we could enjoy a few weeks of sleeping in with the confidence that they’d come back sharp for the next year’s teacher.

Summer review packets are a simple solution to the problem!

I love this product and use it every day! It’s been a wonderful resource to simplify a very difficult subject to teach. Very student and teacher friendly!

Lorri S.

You have changed my attitude and approach to teaching writing this year. I have much more confidence.

Ann J.

“This pack had a little bit of everything to help the kids stay refreshed over the summer.”

Amanda W, buyer

“These practice pages are at my students’ independent level and the theme makes them engaging and fun.”

Samantha S, buyer