hannah braun

You make your mark on the world through teaching.

Not many know about the countless hours and the thought you put into your instruction, but your students deserve it.

I see you, and I can make it easier!

I’m Hannah and I help discerning elementary teachers amplify their impact with carefully-tailored activities.

During my 8 years in the classroom, I discovered that I was picky! The haphazard school-provided curriculum was dull and didn’t meet my students’ needs.


I craved materials with a logical sequence, reasonable pace, and a high engagement factor …so I created my own! I draw on experience from schools across three different states and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education.


Using the lessons and units in my store, you can simplify your planning, meet your standards, and bring joy for learning into your classroom.

Ready to simplify your planning?

Get a free close reading plan page that works with any text.

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Find effective and engaging resources that you can use today!

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I’m sharing research-based practices and my favorite ideas.

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Fun Facts:

  • I organize my closet in rainbow order.
  • I was the band geek to end all band geeks in high school….ok, AND in college.
  • I have a boxer named Chuck and he is neeeeeedy.
  • I love crafting cards, like, greeting cards…yeah, it’s a thing.
  • I wasn’t a dancer as a kid but now I LOVE Zumba
  • In my next life I want to design tea boxes for Celestial Seasonings.

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