It’s time for Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics!

Have you heard of “The Progressions” for Common Core math?  I went to a workshop a while ago and the presenter said The Progressions is like a Common Core math bible!  I thought, why was I never given a copy or a link to this document?!?  Best kept secret or something…anyway,  The Progressions explains how skills are developed from one grade to the next.  I’ve found several golden nuggets in The Progressions.  Here is one:
Addition and subtraction word problems all fall into one of 12 sub types.  I found a similar chart within The Progressions but made one that I think is easier to use:
Click the picture to print a copy for yourself!
FREE addition and subtraction situations teacher guide
The K, 1, and 2 boxes indicate which problem types each grade level should be working on.  I also included the size of numbers that should be used in problems at each grade level (across the bottom).
Here are some cards I made recently.
And finally, if you need something to keep kids busy this week, I made a Valentine’s packet this year.  Lot’s of fun Common Core skill practice here!  And I hid some hamsters on every page just for kicks : )  I have a version for 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade
Thanks for checking out my creations!
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Hannah Braun
Hannah Braun
Hannah Braun is a former teacher with 8 years of experience in the classroom and a master's degree in early childhood education. She designs engaging, organized classroom resources for 1st-3rd grade teachers.