Best PracticesLiteracyReadingTips 5 Simple Ways to Help Kids With Dyslexia - quick strategies, interventions, and activities to improve reading skills, helpful for teachers and parents #dyslexia #teachingreading #intervention

5 Simple Ways to Help Kids With Dyslexia

Strategies, interventions, and activities to improve reading skills in kids with dyslexia, for teachers and parents. This post contains affiliate links. When Reading Skills Aren’t Clicking Lauren* sorted cards with -at endings into one pile and -am endings into another pile. Then she read the -at list: “Bat, cat, sat, …happy?” guessed Lauren. “Let’s use…

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How to Teach a Child to Read: The Ultimate Guide

Inside: Follow these five steps to teach a child to read. Helpful for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers that are teaching beginning readers. This post contains affiliate links.     I looked like a mother hen with my chick gathered around me. Sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, I stared into six eager pairs…

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Best PracticesLiteracyReading reading comprehension that will have your kids obsessed, a framework of 3 questions #readingcomprehension #literacy #teachingreading

Reading Comprehension Practice that Will Have Your Kids Obsessed

How to make reading comprehension instruction engaging with ideas from the book Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters by Kylene Beers and Robert Probst This post contains affiliate links.   The Problem With Reading Comprehension Questions The book was thick and heavy with a dark blue cover. The print was small and the pictures were…

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Crash CoursesPlanning FrameworksWriting Teach poetry writing to kids in elementary schools with these four easy skills #poetry #literacy #teachingwriting #2ndgrade #3rdgrade

Get Outstanding Poetry from Kids With 4 Simple Skills

Inside: Use poetic devices to teach poetry writing lessons that will get your elementary students writing poetry in no time. There’s a little-known secret about teaching poetry writing that will blow your mind. I’m sure you’ve got a few kids in your class that would rather drop their pencil on the floor forty times in…

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