Problem: It’s sooo hard for some of my students to memorize their multiplication facts!  They can’t do harder math because the basic facts take them too long to figure out.

Solution:  Sometimes a silly rhyme is all it takes.  To this day, when I need to solve the fact  6 x 8, I think to myself “six times eight, fell on the floor, picked itself up and was 64!”  After hours of drilling with flashcards, my mom thought of that one and I never had trouble remembering the answer again.

How about combining picture clues with a silly rhyme?

3 times 6 likes jelly beans… its answer is 18.
3 times 9 went up to heaven… its answer is 27.
 3 times 12 did a magic trick… its answer is 36.
Here is a set of x3 illustrated flashcards for free:  FREEBIE
As well as the full set: FULL SET


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