Teacher Humor 19

Teacher Humor – I used to work in a smaller town that had one WalMart and that’s where you’d find everybody on the weekends.  The second I got cranky with my kid, tried to pick out some underwear, or looked for any health and hygiene products…”HI MRS. BRAUN!!!”  Ahhhh!   It’s all fun and games…

the loudest sound in the room...***facepalm*** #teacherproblems

Teacher Humor 18

Teacher Humor {{{SIIIIGGHHH}}} It’s been too long… definitely time for another installment of teacher humor! So we all know the student who is sure they’re being ever-so-helpful by SHHHHing the rest of the class with a force only know to cat-5 hurricanes.   There are many classroom mysteries.  Maybe you’ve encountered this one.  If I…

teacher humor, markers...rookie mistake! #teacherproblems

Teacher Humor 17

  Teacher Humor All of today’s teacher memes are inspired by the crazy stuff students do.    Take this first one; do you know who I’m talking about?  That kid who you swear was to your left but then you look up and he’s suddenly to your right.  The next time you look up he’s…