Teacher Humor 16

Today’s teacher humor is inspired by school supplies.  How could school supplies be funny….well, teachers know : ) Creativity is something that we encourage in our students.  Frequently, their creativity knows no bounds, like with school supplies, and all the ways they can think up to use them as things…other than school supplies. Teaching tip…

teaching coordinate graphing

Teaching Coordinate Graphing

Teaching coordinate graphing has never been so lively!  Here are ideas to engage all kinds of learners. Capture the Penguins Coordinate Graphing Game Turn coordinate graphing practice into a game!  MathWire.com has several different coordinate graphing games to play but I loved this one!  Students fill the grid with some kind of marker.  Here the…


Teacher Humor 15

For your entertainment, teacher humor! If you’re old enough to remember MacGyver then you’ll get this one.  I notice a few constants with the art projects for kids that I see on Pinterest.  Most involve some kind of genius way to use cheap/free materials like paper plates, paint color cards, toilet paper tubes, etc.  Just…